City of Knoxville Parks & Recreation
COVID-19 Updates:

  • Shelter rentals will resume on May 1, 2021
  • No building rentals or pool rentals allowed until further notice
  • Field rentals are available. Rental person/group must submit safety plan for review and insurance prior to use is approved.
  • More details about closures available at
  • More info on the City of Knoxville's response to COVID-19 can be found at

Online Registration & Reservation Website

From this website, you are able to register for programs or sports leagues
and Request reservations for Parks & Recreation facilities.

If you need assistance, please contact 865-215-4311 or 311 (if calling within the City).

Website Assistance: 

To Register for programs or sports leagues, simply click on a link at the top of the page, search for programs of interest, and follow the prompts to register.

To Request a reservation, simply click the "Facility Search" link at the top of the page, search for the Facility you would like to reserve, then follow the prompts to submit your request.  If you are not required to pay when making the request, our staff will be in touch with you to confirm the rental, then you may log in to your account, click on the "Balance" tab, and follow prompts to complete payment for your rental.

To Create a New Account, simply click the "Sign In" link in the top right corner, then click "Create New Account", then complete the form.

To Sign In to an existing account, simply click the "Sign In" link in the top right corner and sign in using your email address and password.